Pitaara TV Programmes: Special Entertainment Dose Only for You !

November 26, 2017

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Pitaara, as the name suggests, is a complete package of entertainment and has got something to offer for every section of audience. Not just movies, Pitaara is a complete package of entertainment with music, latest updates & news about Punjabi entertainment industry. Other than 4 movies a day, one can enjoy non-stop Pitaara TV programmes:

Shukar Dateya: Being grateful to the Almighty and expressing it through Pollywood Music! Shukar Dateya will bring a wonderful potpourri of religious songs sung by famous Punjabi singers in movies and otherwise. The soothing music and deep-drawing lyrics would surely catch the discerning ears of spiritual music-enthusiasts.

Speaker Kharke: What is loud, boisterous and a sure-shot way of feeling good about life? There is no need to look for the answer; just tune in to the Speaker Kharke program featuring foot-tapping and adrenalin-rushing numbers from Punjabi Movie. This program will keep the audience glued to their TV sets bringing all time hits & popular new songs, one after another.

Morning Show: The first movie slot at Pitaara begins at 9:00 am and continues till 12:00 noon. The timing is kept in mind for the housewives and elderly who prefer watching movies initially in the day instead of those dragging soap operas or news.

Movie Brunch:  The second movie slot runs from 13:00 to 16:00 and will target youngsters as well as housewives. The movie selection for brunch timing will be done keeping in mind the tastes of a youthful and vibrant audience.

Movie Matinee: The movie matinee at Pitaara runs from 16:00 to 19:00 and will target teenagers, working women and the elderly of the household who wish to enjoy good movies in this lazy time of the day.
Ghaint Film: The prime time movie slot, 20:00 to 23:00, will live up to its name. Pitaara team will be showcasing the superhits and popular Punjabi movies at night when the entire family sits together for a healthy dose of entertainment.

Sunehri Cinema: A lot many people wish to catch up the glorious past of Punjabi movies but this desire remains unfulfilled forshortageof time. Pitaara brings the best of both worlds – A retro Punjabi classic movie in a 60-min capsule format. The deliciousness of retro cinema doubles when the movie gets narrated bya senior artistsfilling in the story portion which will be cut short to fit it into a 60-min format. The Sunehri cinema at its very best plus the time-saving benefit as well!

Pollywood Refresh: A filler kind of a program meant to amuse the viewers with some hilarious and mind-blowing facts of old Punjabi cinema. The stories behind the scenes, the juicy details, the money spent or saved, the talent hunt for the movie or the never-heard-before facts about the old classics of Punjabi movies – Pitaara brings it all. The USP of this program lies in digging and mining the facts and stories from the past; Pitaara’s Research team is game for the same.

GoodLuck: Another filler program sending best wishes to an upcoming movie along with sharing its promotional details. GoodLuck will give the viewers a glimpse of the story-line, the artists, the music launch and the highlight of any upcoming movie.

Shonkan Filma Di: A spellbinding Punjaban is the highlight of the show; she wishes to be a Punjabi movie star. Her dreams (and her sleep) are how she accomplishes this goal. Every time, she dozes off to sleep, she ends up meeting a Punjabi celebrity and converses with him or her. The sleepy Punjabi girl would make the youth fall in love with her filmy fantasy world. The icing on the cake is the excitement generated for bringing the top Punjabi cinema celebrities in not-so-interview-type interview!

Pitaara World TV Premiere: We bring to the world what they crave to see! Pitaara World TV premier would be an exclusive movie show of the latest superhits on TV screen. Highly coveted and awaited, these premiers would be strategically and smartly promoted to result in higher TRPs than imagined.

22 Scope - Interesting News updates of Pollywood Cinema presented through this filler. From movie shooting schedules to new song launches to on-set stories of stars, 22 Scope will keep you ahead with all that's happening in Punjabi Cinema.

Pitaara Premier Nights - Many exclusive shows and programmes are planned for Pitaara. That too LIVE! In Pitaara Premier Night, we bring a star amidst people performing LIVE, or launching his/her song, movie trailer etc in some leading Club of Punjab's cities. The Premier Night will be telecast LIVE and audience will get the chance to attend the LIVE Show as well.

Filmy mobile - Engaging the audience to share their original or self-shot, self-created Videos on any theme with Pitaara team. We plan to share a Whatsapp number with our audience and encourage them to be a videographer, visualizer or a story teller. Their 2-3 minute videos so received via Whatsapp will be telecast on Pitaara giving them full credit and some reward as well.

Kahani Filmy hai -  Pitaara is all about happiness and fun so here is a happy-delightful way of peeping into people's life. Pitaara team will ask its audience to share their stories of relationships, success, life and whatever on social media. The selected stories will be presented in our show where the actual people about whom the story is, will be taking part, sitting with our anchor and enjoy sharing their life tale.

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